Thursday, June 16, 2011

They are already armed and dangerous but in a few months' time they would be deadlier than ever. If Delhi Police have their way, then the National Security Guards (NSG) would soon train women commandoes, a first for the elite security force. These women commandoes have completed almost two months of training at the Police Training Academy in the Capital. As many as 461 women personnel are learning basic commando tactics and are receiving the same level of training given to male personnel.
The plan is to send small batches of commandoes, both men and women, to the NSG facility in Manesar, Haryana.
NSG has the distinction of providing the toughest commando training in the country.
Their training regimen is on the lines of one given to marine commandos of the Indian Navy and hostage rescue team of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), United States.
"Out of all the commandoes being trained at our facility - both male and female - the best would be sent for further training to the NSG headquarters at Manesar," said a senior police officer, wishing to remain anonymous.
The police commandoes would get six weeks' basic training at the NSG training centre. The training will include advanced training in marksmanship, sniper training and advanced weapons training. They would also get extensive hand-to-hand combat training as well.
The police said after women personnel finish their training they would be deputed on VVIP security details and be part of the elite units of Delhi Police.
"This move would make all our commandoes more confident and better equipped to handle any situation," the officer said.
After a recent spate of rapes and women-related crimes in the city, for the first time in its history, the Delhi Police started training their fresh batch of women personnel in commando tactics.
These personnel would be posted at strategic locations where there are large numbers of women, including Delhi University, police control rooms and other such areas.