Thursday, June 30, 2011


  KALI (kilo-ampere linear injector)

The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (Barc)'s powerful electron accelerating machine named
''Kali-5000`` which, its scientists say, can potentially be used as a beam

Bursts of microwaves packed with gigawatts of power (one gigawatt is 1000
million watts) produced by this machine, when aimed at enemy missiles and
aircraft, will cripple their electronics systems and computer chips and
bring them down.

According to scientists, ''soft killing`` by high power microwaves has
advantages over the so called laser weapon which destroys by drilling
holes through metal.

According to Barc scientists, the Kali machine has for the first time
provided India a way to ''harden`` the electronic systems used in
satellites and missiles against the deadly electromagnetic impulses (Emi)
generated by nuclear weapons.

The Emi wrecks havoc by creating intense electric field of several
thousand volts per centimeter. The electronic components currently used in
missiles can withstand fields of Just 300 volts per centimeter.

While the Kali systems built so far are single shot pulse power systems
(they produce one burst of microwaves and the next burst comes much
later), Kali-5000 is a rapid fire device, and hence its potential as a
beam weapon.

According to Barc-published reports, the machine will shoot several
thousand bursts of microwaves, each burst lasting for just 60 billionths
of a second and packed with a power of about four gigawatts.

The high power microwave pulses travel in a straight line and do not
dissipate their energy if the frequency falls between three and ten

According to Barc scientists, a microwave power of 150 megawatts has
already been demonstrated in earlier versions of Kali.