Tuesday, December 27, 2011


    new breed of Stealthy UCAV hunt in pairs and can be on CAP (Combat Air Patrol) 24 hours a day, powered by a modified Kaveri K10 engine armed with four Air to Surface missiles and 2 Air to Air missiles for their own self protection

UCAV have already alerted movement of intruders to the zonal head quarters and soon go head confirmation comes from Head quarters , both UCAV fire ASM at the intruders and terrorist have no idea what hit them , half of them are killed near loc and others run and hide in a abandoned concrete shelter UCAV is able to track their movement and sends a video feed to the Zonal Army Head quarter for reinforcement , well reinforcement comes in shape of Bomber UCAV again derivative from AURA program , bomber UCAV is able to carry large LGB or joint direct attack munitions ,powered by two modified

Kaveri K10 engine , it is much bigger then Hunter UCAV but is able to carry more payloads .As soon it arrived at the scene of action Hunter UCAV starts moving out area of operation, Terrorist seeing UCAV move have a sign of relief but they have no idea that soon whole complex where they are hiding will be brought to ground in seconds.

This is just a possible scenario where future UCAV of India will operate.

Why a UCAV?

Longer CAP: Fully Autonomous Unmanned Combat aircraft will have longer endurance in war or in conflict zone since everything is controlled by on board computers level of efficiency from take off to landing will be same ,fatigue and stress factors will be negligible since pilot is absent .

Design of UCAV: it has been openly discussed and told by Aviation community that design of aircraft’s is limited to “Human endurance “ UCAV will always have design advantages over manned aircraft’s even if they are stealthy in nature, risk to pilots live in combat zone is also reduced since UCAV will not need one, another major advantage will weight since UCAV will not require any pilot-support systems this will reduce weight in the aircraft and will enable it to better utilizes space for other purpose , which in turn can reduce size of the airframe of the aircraft , with same payload that a manned aircraft might have .

Lower R&D Cost: Why many of the European Countries are engaged in development of UCAV on other hand same countries are cutting down their own defense budgets in time of recession in their Economy? that Simple, development of new 5 Gen Fighter aircraft will be tremendous pressure on already shaky economic of this countries and since many of them will be operating American –European Jointly developed F-35 soon, need for a new manned 5th Gen aircraft have disappeared and many of them have been actively working on UCAV which will have half the cost for development of a stealthy Fighter or Bomber aircraft, but also be cheaper to operate in future since it will also reduce training of pilots and support crew.

Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle Technological Challenges for India?

Well India has taken baby steps for the development of its own Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for surveillance but not to be fooled , almost each and every lab of DRDO and HAL has been working on different types of UAV from Hand held battle field UAV to be operated by foot soldiers to larger MALE ,HALE type of UAV’s for Countries armed forces .
sharing of many of the technology or spin offs from this program will help ADA help in development of AURA UCAV’s ,other than this following new developments needs to take place for UCAV .