Friday, April 22, 2011


The Eurofighter consortium is for India to offer delightful opportunityto acquire a new version of its Typhoon fighter for use in futureaircraft carrier that is being manufactured in India, with the firstdetails on the proposal appearing established during the AeroIndia.
One of the six aircraft that compete in MMRCA the Indian Air Force, the Eurofighter is present in the event that started today in India thinking of picking up a potential naval development that hasgone through detailed studies in the UK.
"If the Typhoon fighter to win the MMRCA then India will have the ability to develop their country in a naval version of the game," said Paul Hopkins, vice president of business development for BAESystems India. "This is a perfect opportunity for the nation to addcapabilities to the aircraft operating on the ground and loaded."

As shown in the form of a model for the first time this week, the European model may receive many new features to support its operation at sea. Among these included a new reinforced landing gear, an arrestor hook and modified control system of thrust vectoring in two Eurojet EJ200 engines. The latter could allow the game to make an approach to the carrier a reduced speed without impeding the pilot's vision by the requirement of an increased angle of attack.
The Eurofighter said only localized reinforcements will be needed in some parts of the fuselage near the landing gear, and engine EJ200. Conformal fuel tanks in the fuselage would extend the range of attack aircraft.

Also of interest for application in India are the new weapon options shown for the first time in a scale model of 100% of the Typhoon. Working in conjunction with Saab and Diehl, the group is offering the Eurofighter anti-ship missile RBS15 as one of the options for the future multimission fighter.