Thursday, February 10, 2011

The tests which were conducted jointly by the DRDO & the Navy are said to be a much bigger technological achievement than even the successful test of Agni 3 missiles. The SLBMs are considered the safest missiles, which make them hard to locate & difficult to destroy.

These latest tests, that were conducted in secret, comes on the heels of 3 other tests that India has conducted in the last one year, taking India closer to possessing the nuclear triad - land based missiles, bombers & Submarine-launched ballistic missiles. India doesn't have a nuclear submarine yet, to launch the SLBMs, in fact the DRDO used a pontoon, or a long tube, in the Bay of Bengal to conduct the test. Government officials have said that the tests have met all key parameters.Television news channel 'Times Now' has reported that India has tested a SLBM (Submarine-launched ballistic missile) which can be capped with a nuclear war-head and which has a range of 1500 km.